Corydoras julii spp & Pseudogastromyzon punctulatus

For the record;
Today I introduced 5 Corydoras julii spp. and 3 Borneo Suckers to this community. I am not sure the sucker is actually the P. punctulatus?

Photos by Dusko Bojic.


CO2 Venturi injector

I changed my CO2 system a bit. Instead of the CO2 mixer, I connected the EHEIMs Venturi diffuser onto my Juwel pump out-take. The bubbles injected into the water column are very fine/tiny. I believe this is the best diffuser/injector one can use in a planted tank and it doesn't take much place.
More about the Venturi effect


40th day - the maturing tank

I did have some algae combating in the past week + having a nasty green slimy water surface film. I started rinsing the frozen artemia before feeding the fish and the results are better. I also had some BGAlgae developing on Java Moss but that has stopped. At the moment the Green Dust Algae seem to be my only concern.
I planted some Cryptocorine x willisii as a front plant. All the fish are doing great, and in about a week I am thinking of adding a few Corydoras julii since the bottom of the tank seem so empty.

Photos by Dusko Bojic