Neritina snails - best algae eaters?

This photo shows how effective this snail is in eating Green Spot algae as well as the Green Beard algae. One can see the part of the driftwood behind the snail, completely cleaned. The whole wood was covered with this carpet looking algae. I must say that they eat algae very fast. Two snails, that where for last 5 days on a huge rock, cleaned it off of this type of algae. I believe they have some sort of sharp and strong teeth, since they are able to scrape off even the hardest algae that infested the back glass.
I introduced 3 more Neritinas today.


87 days old aqua-scape

I planted some extra Cryptocoryne wendtii and Cryptocoryne parva and I am very satisfied with the scape developing. As I stated earlier, I started using the Estimative Index method for fertilising the plants. Dosing 3 times a week half tea spoon of KNO3 + Tropica Master Grow 5ml.
Every week 50% water change. CO2 through the Venturi injector, 2 bubbles per second. There are still some hairy algae present but in small amounts. I hope the last algae will disappear with the next plant trimming. Feeding the plants good + tank hygiene is the key to an algae free aquarium.

I also added 6 Neritina sp. Zebra snails to this set-up today. They sure are beautiful :-)

Photos by Dusko Bojic.