All good ;-)

As you can see in this photo above, the Rasbora hengeli is really doing fine. I like the way they are shoaling together all the time.
The Crypto wendtii is growing very well. Leaves are changing the color from green into red/brownish, very nice.
There are still some Thread algae to be found around the tank, but will soon introduce some Caridina multidentata shrimps to take care of it.
The Borneo Suckers are eating all sorts of offered food like: Bloodworms, Blackworms, Flake, Granules.


Ram Cichlids showing off great coloration

I am feeding the fish with wide range of food, like; frozen Artemia/Bloodworms/Black worms/White worms, freeze dried Tubifex, flakes, Catfish tablets and granulated Aquatic Nature (small).
And thanks to that my fish is showing great coloration. One can compare the previous photo of the M. ramirezi cichlid with these shown above.
I have observed the Borneo Suckers taking Black worms, flakes, and granulate.
Photos by Dusko Bojic.


I added 3 Tatia perugiae females

I added 3 T. perugiae females today. I didn't have the opportunity to make a photo, but soon will do.
The next photo shows one of the male (has a pointed anal fin, gonopodium) T. perugiae swimming in search for food. As soon Blood-worms or Black Mosquito larvae are offered, they go crazy. Notice how the barbels are pointed upwards. This fish sure is a surface feeder, but will get even to the food that falls down. The second photo was taken just before this dwarf catfish ate the offered Bloodworm. Very quiet during the day time, but they will go out as soon frozen food enters the water. In the night time they swim close to the surface, they remind me of Bats.

Photos by Dusko Bojic.

Microgeophagus ramirezi spawned

The Ram Cichlids spawned today. They have chosen a flat stone. I can't really make a good photo, because it is hidden behind the plants, but I do see the eggs.
The male is guarding the spawn, while the female is swimming around chasing away any fish that comes near. It is funny to see how the female chases away one of the male Peacock Gudgeons, that has a small cave under that stone. Both of them are claiming it. The way the Gudgeon spreads its fins, one clearly tell he is not happy about this situation ;-)

I will try posting some photos.



For the record;
From now on I am using Zeolite (ammonia remover) and Active Carbon. The Zeolite will be changed three times a year. The carbon will be used 3 times a year for three weeks.


Microgeophagus ramirezi - Blue Ram Cichlid

I introduced a pair of Blue Ram Cichlids today. I will get one more pair this week. They became the true center piece fish in this tank.

Tatia perugiae catfish

Today I added 4 Tatia perugiae to this community. This magnificent fish grows to just about 6cm and is very shy and nocturnal. It does come out when fed with Blood-worms and Black worms. I am truly amazed with this marvelous little fish, and even though I can't see them all the time, I like the feeling of keeping them and knowing that they are somewhere "in there" ;-)