Some crustaceans I keep in this tank

Atya gabonensis shrimp (3 of them)
2x Tylomelania patriarchalis (Sulawesi snail)
I got one baby T. patriarchalis :-)
2x Tylomelania sp. Golden (Sulawesi snail)
4x Clithon diadema Bicolor (very good algae eater)
I added a few more Neritina sp Zebra

I adore crustaceans :-)

Low light garden

This aquarium of mine is approx one and a half year old (set-up Feb '07).
At first it was meant to be a Low-light Hi-Tech but after a few month I felt like less water changes less plant pruning less nutrient dosing...so I cut off the CO2, took out some of fast growing stem plants and replaced them with rosette plants which I find easier to maintain (you simply cut off a few older leaves without changing the actual aqua-scape much).

This summer was very hot and the temperature in my tank was at one stage 32'Celsius. Fish and plants didn't show any stress. I did improve the surface agitation and have upgraded my filter power head from 600 l/h to 1000 l/h (huge difference).

I also got a new fish Puntius pentazona, 19 of them. A very active fish with nice patterns. I am very happy with them. I had some bad experience with dwarf Gouramies and find them very sensitive. From now on I am only going for species which are hard like most Rasboras, Tetras, Barbs and similar.