New fish introduced - Rasbora hengeli

I decided to change some of the fish I kept. I returned the Jordanela floridae (fin nipping fish), and the shoal of Pseudomugil furcatus. Instead I got a shoal of Rasbora hengeli (17). Next week I will add a pair of Microgeophagus ramirezi and 4-5 Red-honey Gouramis.

Photo by Dusko Bojic.


Easy Carbo - Liquid Carbon for plants

I started dosing Liquid Carbon to this tank. Extra C is welcomed by plants and it does act as an algaecide against the BBA. So far no fish/snails are harmed by it. The most important thing with this kind of product is DO NOT OVERDOSE.

Neritina eggs all over the wood...

Neritina sp Zebra started laying eggs all over this tank. It is typical for snails to breed like crazy once they sense there is lots of food/algae around. The tank is almost algae free. They are very effective in algae eating.


Definitely the best algae eater

The first photo shows how the wood looked like, the day I introduced the Neritina sp. Zebra snails, and the second photo is presenting you the result after just one week :-) These snails really are tremendous algae "cleaners"!
Of course, algae eaters aren't the solution in combating algae. Balanced fertilising regime is something one should focus on. Estimative Index fertilising method is one of the best solutions in growing lush and healthy plants = algae free aquarium.
Keeping a few algae eaters of course helps a bit, because all aquariums have algae. Some less other more ;-)