New look - New story ;-)

I started reaquascaping my oldy 180L at the Feb. 9th
I first placed high quality aqua-soil from Aquatic Nature. I scattered overall a few iron rich balls from Amtra.
I decided using 1,2-2 mm sand, natural reddish color.
I was very pleased when I found those curio-roots in my Zoo Shop. I could stay with just two pieces, and create a more elegant, Amano look, but that wouldn't be me, so I placed the third root and created a real labyrinth.
I decided on using reddish rocks. 17kg.
And after about two hours of replacing the stones I was satisfied with the layout. I added the rest of the sand over the stones so they appear more natural (like they are coming out of the ground).
Since the left side of the tank is facing the room entrance, I tried to make that part "work" good visually as well.

Crinum calamistratum, Rotala rotundifolia, Hygrophila polysperma, Alternathera reineckii, Anubias nana, Lileaopsis novaezelandiae, Microsorum pteropus 'Windelow', Anubias petit, Vesicularia dubyana.

After a week, I introduced 2 of my old Otocinclus vittatus and 3 Crossocheilus siamensis (SAE). Even though just about 4cm long, the SAEs are cleaning the newly established algae, fungus and who knows what else (I need a microscope for that) really great :-) SAE is always going to be my No.1 fish

The old Juwel media was in fact old so I added this type of Bio Rings from Aquatic Nature. They are not the ceramic ones (I don't like those) , but more like siporax with lots of small holes, for bacteria to get attached to. Just for the record; my old Juwel pump died so it is replaced with a new one of the same kind, 600 l per hour.