Fully stocked ?

I introduced the final fish today. Final?
17 Pseudomugil furcatus and 4 Trichopsis pumilus. The introduced fish is approx. 3cm long (juvenile) except the Pygme Gourami that is approx 2cm.
For that reason and for the reason I added the recommended dose of the beneficial bacteria Bio Bacter 2in1 from Aquatic Nature, half an hour before introducing the live stock, I stocked this fish amount. I also planted some extra Egeria densa that is an effective nitrogen consumer, so ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels will be controlled. In about two days I will perform 30% water change just in case.

This is the total fauna list;
17 Pseudomugil furcatus
4 Trichopsis pumilus
8 Tateurndina ocellicauda
3 Crossocheilus siamensis
2 Otocinclus vittatus
Malaysian Trumpet snails

Photos by Dusko Bojic