Pressurized CO2 system

I introduced the pressurised CO2 system instead of the DIY Yeast that isn't very efficient in keeping constant CO2 levels. I decided on getting the Ferplast CO2 mixer and the Aqua Medic 350 g CO2 rechargeable bottle. I am running 1 bubble every 3 sec at the moment.
The live stock is doing great. I feed them exclusively with frozen Artemia. I have some Staghorn algae growing on Java Moss, some Green Beard Algae growing on bog wood and rocks, mall amount of brown algae on shadowed Microsorum leaves. Small amount of Green Dust algae on glass, as well as some Green Spot Algae on the back glass (it is where the water flow is the strongest and where the CO2 comes out). The only real problem is the green water surface film. I remove it with the water change, but it comes back after just two days. I belive it is due the over-fertilisation, since I don't have many fast growing plants in the this tank. All those algae aren't really a problem since this new pressurized CO2 system is going to keep constant CO2 levels. I will run the CO2 system 24/7.
I am starting the EI (Estimative Index) fertilisation method by Tom Barr. I will dose fertilisers KNO3, KH2PO4 and Tropica Master Grow 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday after the weekly 30% water change). I am going to dose 5ml of each since I am on Low lights.